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Premise that a great wine is made with a great grape, and from this great grape we make our great vinegar, only time has the upper hand and in the meantime you have to look after it and cuddle it like a baby in swaddling clothes.
Our vinegar is produced with the best grapes of Malvasia, the same with which the exceptional wines of our Istrian territory are produced,
Once fully ripe, the grapes are taken to the cellar, de-stammed and placed in small vats where alcoholic fermentation take place. After eight-ten days, the sugar is trasformed into alcohol Then we start the acetic fermentation with our mother vinegar. This takes place spontaneously and lasts almost a year, until the following autumn, when all the alcohol has turned into acetic acid.
This is why we say that our vinegar is made of wine, of whole grapes. Considering the quality of the grapes we use, its structure, its minerality and the absolute naturalness of the process, we can avoid the addition of sulfur dioxide and any type of antioxidant preservative. It is bottled without filtration.
Organoleptic characteristics:
Whole grape wine vinegar has the peculiarities of a great aged wine. The quality of the grapes and the very long contact with the skins and noble lees allows us to obtain a product with a great structure


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Made in Cittanova d’Istria and Buje, in the norther part of the istrian region through the extraction of Bianchera, Leccino e Pendolino olives. The apparence is of a bright, intense golden yellow colour. On the nose the Oil is intense and complex an expresses clear aromas mint, basil and rosemary at first, followed by notes of artichoke an lettuce. At taste, the oil is large and velvety
this oil is well paired with tomato bruschetta, artichoke salads, pasta dishes, game and cheeses..

the Istrian region was proclaimed the best quality producer of Olive oil in 2019 according to FlosOlei

The green peninsula was declaired the best olive producer region for the fourth time in a row This is a great success for the region where olive oil has been produced for over two thousand years. Olive oils are better year by year and according to Flos Olei, the only world guide to extra virgin olive oil, the number of Istrian producers is constantly growing.



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