The territory


Istriana Malvasia was born from the passion and experience acquired from ancient traditions.
We select the best grapes carefully  to transform them into a unique and inimitable nectar Due to its characteristics, it has nothing to do with the most common and well-known varieties. Each variety has characteristics distinct from the others, and it is precisely for this reason that our wines achieve typical and precise organoleptic specificities. Our Istrian Malvasia has always maintained a strong link with the territory and preserves intact all the elements that mark its typicality , making a final product with exclusive qualities. These qualities that insist on the climate, on the ground and on the morphological formation of the surrounding environment, as well as the origin of the grape variety, make these grapes autochthonous. The mildness of the Mediterranean climate and the particular limestone and mineral nature of the Terre Rosse del Carso nourish the characteristic vineyards and centuries-old olive groves.

A few tens of meters from the sea our Istrian Malvasia is born, with unmistakable saline notes and qualified by a mosaic of barely whispered aromas and fruity flavors. From the same prestigious native grape variety, but with mythical Greek origins, we obtain Malvasia pied de cuve, a successful spontaneous fermentation experiment, and Malvasia Cuvèe du Vigneron which rests 24 months before vigorously expressing all its heritage of flavors. We also produce Rosé, which recalls the nuances of color and aromas of wild berries, but that’s not all: we are passionate about the production of Istrian extra virgin olive oil, squeezed only from olives of the indigenous varieties Busa and Carbonassa, Bianchera and Pendolino , typical Istrian

“Immerse yourself in the different flavor of Istriana, in a unique experience, in a journey in taste, in the pleasure to drink”!